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Professionall fitted #1 Physician Recommended compression stockings or socks. For over 50 years Jobst has offered superior compression treatment for a variety of painful or swelling conditions of the feet, ankles and legs. Whether you're a man or woman, and no matter your size or style, there are so many benefits of compression stockings, made by JOBST. All JOBST products are supported by vast research to meet their promise of the highest quality medical compression stockings and support socks for lymphatic and venous disorders.

With their Total Satisfaction Guarantee and prices that can meet any budget JOBST continues to "put their feet down" as the top compression stocking brand nationwide.

Jobst Compression Stockings

  • Call 636-937-0400 to order after a consultation with a Jobst trained representative on sizing.

  • Compression rate should be perscribed by physician or a Jobst trained professional.

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